Urine Test in Children

1. Place the baby’s or baby’s urine out completely, rinse thoroughly with water and detergent and then rinse thoroughly with normal water to ensure no harmful effects of soap on the child’s skin.
2. Allow the cleaned area to dry, do not expose it to rapid drying around the cleaned area.
3. Provide a urine bag suitable for the child’s gender (girls or boys) and clean and tightly installed on the site.
4. When you sleep more easily, you can attach a baby bag.
5. After collecting about 10 to 15 ml of urine, separate the bag from the child, lift it up and attach the two sides of the adhesive to the lid’s lid, then place in the urethra and place it in the specimen Put urine in the lab.
6. Make sure the specification label is not disconnected from the container.
9. If the sample is taken out of the laboratory, the specimen should be placed in the refrigerator after collection and delivered to the laboratory for up to 4 hours.

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