Cervix Sampling

1. It should be noted that the quality of the sample collected in the validation of the test plays a key role and minimizes the probability of false negative results.

2. The best time to collect samples on the 14th day of the mid-cycle. Sample collection should not be in periodic time. Blood in the sample results in an error in the test results. The patient should not use vaginal pill, ointment, gel or any topical cream in the sampling area at least 24 hours prior to sampling.

3. There must be enough cells in the collected sample to perform molecular tests. Therefore, it’s best to use Cytobrush brushes from a sampling device such as wooden spatulas or plastic.

4. It is worth noting that cotton swabs are not suitable for sampling.

5. Spatula for rotation with some pressure on the cervical surface. Of course, during the sampling, the target area should not be bleeding and should be prevented from contamination of the sample with blood at this stage.

6. After sampling without touching the tip of the sampler with the skin or surrounding surfaces, quickly transfer it to a special container and slowly shake the sample (spatula or brush) slowly in the liquid in the container. .

7. Transfer the sample container as soon as possible to the lab.

cervix sampling

cervix sampling

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