Admission & Answering

The section is located in a separate building with a quiet and well-equipped space on the ground floor of a building. Personnel works every day in two shifts (from 7am to 9am), they will openly welcome the clients of the lab and, if necessary, provide the necessary information to the visitors.

Admission & Answering

Admission & Answering part

Admission & Answering department is one of the most important parts of the lab, that can affect on the performance of other sectors. The Pasteur laboratory has tried to minimize the error before and after tests by employing experienced and knowledgeable personnel in the experiments in this section. Reception of the laboratory is equipped with a turntable and acceptance boxes, which are called upon receipt by the personnel, and according to the relevant edition or free of charge, the requested examinations are accepted and sent to the sampling section so that the sampling is carried out in accordance with the conditions Specific for each test. Dear clients, they will be directed to the Fund in order to settle the account, after the bill is cleared for the date of the receipt of the response or for the supplementary insurance, and the delivery will be given to the clients.
In this section, the specific conditions that must be followed before each test are described for each patient, and if the need for a patient to record clinical symptoms with test results is provided and completed upon acceptance of the questionnaire . Patients are also advised of the history of illness or drug use.

Answering section
In Pasteur Laboratory, answering to general tests and even some specific tests are done on a daily basis. The answers to everyday trials in two parts (7 am to 9 pm) can be provided to the respectable clients. Responses to emergency tests, depending on the type of test, are carried out within less than 3 hours of acceptance and sampling. In the case of specialized and specialized tests, the date of the answer is one week, with the exact date listed at the bottom of the admission sheet. In cases where the answer may be prepared earlier than the date stated, it will be communicated to the clients via SMS. Also, the Pastor lab is proud to conduct a variety of molecular tests (PCR, Real time PCR) in the shortest possible time in the province of Khuzestan.

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