In the near future, in order to meet the diagnostic and therapeutic needs in the region, and using the facilities and experienced specialists, the mycology section will be set up at the Pastor Lab of Ahwaz.

Generally, the mycology section is one of the laboratories that is responsible for collecting, examining and detecting suspicious samples due to pathogenic fungi. Symptoms and symptoms of fungal infections depend on the type of fungus and the affected area. Fungal rash is sometimes confused with other skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema. Fungal skin diseases can cause a variety of skin rashes. Some of them cause redness, scaly skin and itching, and some only cause dry skin. Fungi can only involve a specific area or several areas of the body.


mycology part


To separate fungi and to diagnose fungal diseases, it is necessary to thoroughly and accurately sample the appropriate sites. The sampling method varies according to the type and location of the lesion. Examination of fungal specimens includes direct testing of fungal specimens (prepared by microscopic examination), staining and culture of fungal specimens. But in most health centers, as well as in laboratories, they use diagnostic methods using lamens.

Conditions for fungal sampling

  • Failure to bathe the patient or wash the site of the lesion for 7-4 days
  • No use of topical creams or drugs in the area of ​​surface lesions
  • Sometimes fasting

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