Urine Test in Women

1. The best sample for diagnosing urinary tract infections is the first urine sample in the morning.

2. Avoid drinking plenty of fluids and water before the test.

3. Wash your hands well with water and soap.

4. Around the skin of the reproductive system and the urinary tract, wash it thoroughly from front to back, then dry with a tissue paper.

5. Open the container for collecting the sample, be careful not to touch your hands with the inner surface of the urethra or the door.

6. To collect the sample, remove the urinal (first two seconds) and pour the rest of the urine about 30 ml (half a container) into the container.

7. Place the lid on the container and place it in the urine specimen in the laboratory.

8. Observe the specification label on the container.

9. If the sample is made out of the laboratory, the sample should be placed in the refrigerator after collection and delivered to the laboratory for up to 4 hours.

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