Sampling at Pasteur Laboratory is done by experienced personnel in a relaxed and healthful environment of respectable visitors. In this section, after approving and identifying the referrals, sampling is done according to standard conditions. Sampling in the laboratory is done according to the type of requested tests in two separate sections. Blood and urine sampling is performed in the first part of the laboratory on the ground floor of the laboratory. In the second section, which is a microbiological sampling and located on the second floor of the laboratory, samples are taken from wounds and skin lesions for examination of the fungus, taking samples from the eyes, ears, nose, throat and other parts of the body, are carried out under sterile conditions. Then, various samples are transferred to the lab sampling section based on the requested tests as soon as possible.


sampling part

Features of this part

  • Observance of the principles of the quality management system of the laboratory in the form of the ISO standard 2008: ISO 9001
  • Discrete sampling room for men and women
  • Equipped sampling room for children and infants
  • Having sufficient experience in the selection of babies, children and adults
  • Sampling with vacuum system (vacuum systems)
  • Equipped with a vasodilator system used by clients with deep veins and unspecified
  • Minimizing possible time in sampling and reducing waste of time for respectable visitors (having 8 sampling rooms)
  • Observance the standard care required before, during and after sampling
  • Observance the environment and cleanliness

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